HANSA Chillers are the first choice for cooling processes, products or rooms. First class components, high performance and their compact construction make them ideally suited for a variety of cooling applications.

We usually use ammonia as refrigerant and only seldom Frigen. Ammonia:

  • occurs naturally and is environmentally acceptable
  • has a high enthalpy of vaporization with a correspondingly high cooling capacity
  • is suitable for simple plant design
  • and has its own integrated warning system: strong odour


Maximum Cooling Capacity – smallest amount of refrigerant

By using flooded evaporators with liquid separators the chillers provide high cooling capacity with low power consumption and are easy to operate. With cooling capacities from 100KW to about 2500kW per unit, we can adjust the system precisely to your needs.

Depending on requirements, the following systems are used

  • compressor: highly efficient piston compressor or screw compressor in an open or semi-hermetic design
  • evaporator: completely or module welded high-performance plate evaporator, tube bundle evaporator, special evaporator (e.g. falling film cooler)
  • condensers: evaporative condensers, air- or water-cooled condensers
  • construction: pre-assembled on a sturdy base-frame, compact structure or split, special constructions in containers or casings
  • buffer tanks, pump units, controllers

Trust in Hansa cooling solutions. Combining first class components, economy, safety and service.

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